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An app designed to increase civic engagement from underrepresented groups in California.
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Victoria Kerslake 
4 weeks

User Research
Visual Design
Interaction Design
Design Systems

Adobe Suite

Project Overview
California, home to a diverse population of first and second-generation immigrants, faces a significant challenge in civic engagement among eligible voters. A considerable portion of this demographic, often referred to as the "missing voters," comprises individuals who, despite being eligible, do not actively participate in the democratic process. VoteNow! aims to make voting accessible to California's "missing voters", and make sure all groups have the chance to make their voices heard in the democratic process.
VoteNow was born out of my own challenges with voting during the 2022 California Election.

I found myself overwhelmed by the extensive ballot and the time-consuming nature of the research required to make informed voting decisions. This firsthand encounter with the challenges of the democratic process served as the catalyst for the ideation phase.
User Personas

Recognizing this critical gap in civic engagement, "VoteNow!" aims to tackle the following issues:


1. Lack of Information Accessibility:

  • Difficulty accessing clear information about candidates and propositions.

  • Complex language and long documents discourage participation.


2. Limited Understanding of the Political Landscape:

  • "Missing voters" may lack familiarity with the U.S. political system, making it challenging make informed decisions when casting their votes.


3. Time Constraints and Information Overload:

  • Difficulty finding time for political research, leading to uninformed choices.

4. Language and Cultural Barriers:

  • First and second-generation immigrants face language and cultural obstacles in navigating the political system.

"VoteNow!" addresses these challenges with a user-friendly mobile app, offering simple information on candidates and propositions. Tailored for first and second-generation immigrants, the app aims to empower and bridge the civic engagement gap in California.

votenow sketches-01.png
Initial sketches/ideation
Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 2.32.53 PM.png
Design System
While making my design system for this project, I deliberately selected the color purple as its focal point. I chose this color due to it's neutrality, devoid of any association with either of the primary political parties. My aim is to create an app that remains nonpartisan.
Final Designs & Summary of Key Features
Check out the prototype here!
votenow hero2.png
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