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Due Today

An innovative scheduling platform that ensures students’ timely task management
Portfolio_Duetoday laptop.png
Steve Chen — Project Manager
Samantha Zhang — Designer
Victoria Kerslake — Designer
Daksh Jain — Developer

Sohum Goel — Developer
Shuying Li — Developer
Borna Niknahad — Developer
Vinay Bidin — Developer
15 weeks

User Research
Visual Design
Interaction Design
Design Systems

Adobe Suite

Problem Statement
In the ever-evolving landscape of education, students are faced with the constant challenge of managing multiple course deadlines, assignments, and exams. The existing tools often fall short in providing a seamless and efficient solution to help students stay on top of their academic responsibilities.
Comparative Study with Competitors


  • Option to integrate schedule alongside assignments

  • Ease of use

  • Can create different calendars for different classes


  • Relies on user remembering to input all assignments

  • Could benefit from more app integration

User Interviews

My next step was to conduct interviews with my target audience, college students.


of students report having difficulties keeping track of due dates for courses

Students report struggling with course deadlines due to:
71.4%  Lack of consistency in canvas organization between professors
42.9%  Too many assignments between classes gets overwhelming
28.6%  Hard to balance coursework with other responsibilities
71.4%  Lack of organizational system 
Key Takeaways 
My research identified the following problems users have with scheduling:


1. Fragmented Scheduling Tools:

  • Current scheduling tools lack integration with popular learning management systems. This disjointed approach often results in missed assignments and unnecessary stress.


2. Limited Automation:

  • The absence of an automated system for importing and updating course deadlines makes students manually input information. This process is time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to inaccurate scheduling and missed tasks.


3. Inefficient Task Management:

  • Students have a hard time prioritizing tasks and managing time effectively. Existing platforms lack tools to help task prioritization.


By addressing these challenges, "Due Today" will revolutionize the scheduling experience for students, providing a user-centric platform that integrates seamlessly with popular learning management systems.


Initial sketches/ideation
Brainstorming essential features


Basic wireframes and user flows

Design System

My next step was to develop a cohesive color scheme and brand identity 

Design Systen_Due Today-01.png
Key Features & Final Designs
Check out the prototype here!
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